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Pokemon Sword and Shield: Japanese fans furious against National Pokedex withdrawal

While the consequences of the announcement of the removal of Pokemon Sword and Shield National Pokedex continue, Japanese fans still loyal have added their voices to the growing list of complaints.

Unfortunately for Game Freak, the highlight of their presentation at the Pokemon Sword and Shield Treehouse presentation at E3 2019 was the confirmation of National Pokedex's withdrawal. The news was confirmed by the director Junichi Masuda and largely explains the rate of discontent of 80% on 1.5 million views.

The tumult that has taken place since then has nothing to envy to the Pokémon community. The complaints were incessant and caused divisions among the fans, some saying they did not care and others promising to boycott Pokemon Sword and Shield when they were released.

Even the Japanese are unhappy

Fans of video games have become more and more vocal over the years in terms of the direction and quality of the games that they are passionate about. With the growth of social media, players have access to a quick and effective way to share their ideas and opinions.

Japanese fans are sometimes seen as less vocal than their Western counterparts, but they quickly expressed dissatisfaction with the situation of the National Pokedex. If they remained respectful in their complaints, they let Nintendo know how dissatisfied they were. Their blame seems to be the lack of information on what will be missing at Pokemon, rather than the withdrawal of themselves.

The national Pokedex elimination of Pokemon Sword and Shield has made the headlines …

The national elimination of Pokedex is not announced in Japan

The following Tweets have been translated by Nintendo Soup.

"Could you please announce the Pokémon that is not compatible (with Pokemon Sword and Shield) before the start of pre-orders? It's cruel to discover for myself that my Pokémon favorite disappeared after buying the game, "said a Japanese fan.

Another fan, who was also respectful in their response, also believes that Nintendo should reveal the full list before it is released.

"I plan to pre-order both games earlier," they say. "But you should reveal the complete list of Pokémon in the game so that people can decide whether to buy it or not! If you do that, your sales may go down, but I hope your company will show sincerity during these times. "

Elsewhere, it seems that game developers are hiding the list to maximize sales.

A fan asked, "Are you serious?" You still hide the fact that Pokemon will be removed from the game when pre-orders start? I have the impression that you will continue to hide the fact even after the release date. "

The most interesting perhaps, however, is the assertion that Japanese accounts Nintendo and Pokemon have not even announced the reduction of Pokedex's situation. Do not announce it in Japan may leave a lot of disappointed Pokemon coaches on November 15th.

Despite the alleged silence of Game Freak on this subject, the tweets above show that many Japanese fans are perfectly aware of the removal of the National Pokedex program and are not happy to know.

We will continue to see how this will happen over the coming months – the pressure is mounting on Nintendo and Game Freak to perhaps reverse this decision, but until now, they have remained firm in their approach.

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