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Pokemon Sword and Shield will not let you catch all the Pokemon


Not everyone is here, but Pokemon producers have a reason for that.

By Jonathon Dornbush

Pokemon Sword and Shield, the first generation of Pokémon games on the market to be offered to the Nintendo Switch, will unfortunately not let you be the best that no one has ever been, because not all Pokémon will be captured in the game. new generation.

Full Pokedex will not be available for Pokemon Sword and Shield players, according to a recent Famitsu interview with producer Junichi Masuda.

Instead, Sword and Shield will only capture Pokémon included in the Galar Pokedex area. Masuda explained to Famitsu that much of the reasoning boiled down to the growing number of Pokemon species.

Citing problems of balance and intensity of work as reasons for this decision, Masuda said that he and his team were currently "undecided" as to whether more Pokemon could be added to the game after the launch. .

"We already have over 800 species of Pokemon, and these games will be more numerous, and now that they are on Nintendo Switch, we are creating it with much higher fidelity with higher quality animations," Masuda said. a follow-up interview with US Gamer. "But even more than that, it falls into the combat system, we make sure that everything is balanced and give a chance to all the Pokémon that appear in the games.

"It will not only be a brand new Pokémon in the Galoked area, Pokedex, there will always be a lot of favorites that fans will be able to bring back with whom they have already ventured."

At E3 2019, Nintendo unveiled two of these new players that Pokémon players from the Galar region can expect to meet, including the adorable lightning corgi Yamper.

The original comments from Masuda to Famitsu were greeted with anger some fans, who thought that it might be easy to model all these Pokemon for use in Sword and Shield. When an individual Twitter user implied that modeling could be done in five minutes, a crowd of artistsIn response, they began publishing their five-minute Pokemon models to show what could be created in this short period of time. And, conclusively, they do not live up to the visual fidelity observed in the Sword and Shield models.

The Pokedex limitation of Sword and Shield is not the only thing we learned about the next pair of games. We learned 22 more details about the Pokemon Sword and Shield, including the fact that Sword and Shield supports some features of PokeBall Plus. And just before E3 2019, a special Pokemon Sword and Shield, Nintendo Direct, took a closer look at the game and revealed a concrete release date.

Jonathon Dornbush is the news editor of IGN and the Beyond Leader! He fell in love with Yamper at E3 and now can not choose between Wooloo or Yamper as his new favorite. Help him regulate his debate on Twitter @jmdornbush.

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