Pokémon YouTubers banned by mistake for child abuse

A trio of popular Pokémon YouTubers was among Google's badly banned accounts this weekend for participating in a "juvenile sexualization activity".

As the BBC Report, Mystic7, Trainer Tips and Marksman all found that their accounts had been deleted shortly after downloading videos of themselves playing. Pokemon GO.

This error is believed to have occurred through the continued use of the term "CP" in their video. Pokemon GO refers to "Battle Points", but the algorithm assumed by YouTube is "Child Pornography".

Accounts were quickly restored, but only because of external pressures, because the nature of the original prohibitions meant that the entire Google account of the user, including email, was blocked, not just YouTube page.

But the question again raises concerns about the automated way YouTube judges and enforces these bans. These are absolutely decisions that must be made by humans, and the fact that Google relies on an algorithm that repeatedly fails in cases like this one continues to affect all kinds of YouTubers and streamers.

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