Police: A woman hid her mother's body with blankets and air fresheners


According to the authorities, a woman hid her mother 's decaying body in their Virginia home for weeks, covering her with dozens of blankets and surrounding her with an air freshener to mask her odour.

According to news agencies, 55-year-old Jo-Whitney Outland has been accused of hiding a body by a crime. Sgt. Bristol police detective Steve Crawford said the investigation had begun Monday when Outland parents were concerned about Rosemary Outland, a 78-year-old. The investigators believe that Rosemary Outland died at the end of December.

Crawford said the authorities found the body stuck in a chair and covered with more than 50 blankets and clothing and more than 60 air fresheners. He says that forensic scientists will confirm the identification and cause of death.

Jo-Whitney Outland told WJHL-TV on Thursday afternoon that she had covered her mother's body out of respect.

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