Police advice on defense against knife attacks becomes viral


How do you survive a knife attack? This video showing tips from the Chinese police has more than 16 million views.



21 thoughts on “Police advice on defense against knife attacks becomes viral”

  1. In fact, that was the only fair and usefull advice.
    I've seen masters of martial art easily beaten in street fights so you don't need much of thinking what would happen to an amateur or a "YT warior" faced to a attacker armed with knife.

  2. Please listen to my story.  It is parallel to life of Jesus Christ ?.  This is only a portion of the whole truth.  But this keeps happening to me over and over again!  

    I'm under attack from 'the corrupt American justice program'. I don't know what to do. 

    I will accept a job offer in order to have a FAMILY!  If you can provide me with the opportunity, I will gladly accept the offer to relocate permanently to China.  I want to start a family! Hopefully with one of your willing Chinese single ladies. 

    (My history here in America ??. ) 

    I have been attacked multiple times by law enforcement and I have never received justice.  I suffer assaults and the white men get raises for their attacks on my person. 

    I was beaten and raped in Tennessee by Officer Scott Newberg of the Murfreesboro Police.  

    I was beaten by the police in California multiple times for not doing anything wrong and I was denied justice. They lied about me and made attempts to cripple me. 

    I moved to the eastern side of the country to escape.  And now I am under attack again! 

    There is no place for me to live in this country!  I fear for the future of America ??! Something bad is going to happen. I know it. 

    Please contact me and thank you for your time and consideration. 

    LeRoy LewIs ? 
    "God is the Light" ?

    "My life is parallel to the life of Jesus Christ ? and our names have the same meaning!  (Time moves in a spiral.)"

  3. To all the people accusing the video of being based off a stolen idea, do keep in mind that this (Running away from a knife fight) is rather common advice, and, lacking concrete evidence, coincidence is a far better explanation of the release of the video than imitation.

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