Police: an Uber driver tried to introduce it to customers after taking them to the airport – Crime News

SAN MATEO, Calif. (WTHR) – Police arrested a Uber driver from California who was filmed in camera robbing the house of customers he had just brought to the airport.

Police in San Mateo said Jackie Gordon Wilson had dropped off her runners at the airport on Thursday afternoon. An hour later, he went home and tried to introduce him until an alarm sounded. The attempt was recorded by the camera of the house.

Shortly after, a second house nearby was ransacked and several objects were stolen. The ring video doorbell of this house also recorded the suspect. The houses are a few blocks away in the same neighborhood, the police said.

The following night, the investigation led the police to Wilson, who was found at his home in Rancho Cordova, a suburb of Sacramento. The suspect wore the same clothes as during the burglary attempts and had stolen goods in the secondary residence.

He was arrested and the police are investigating his activities to find out if he may have been involved in other robberies.

In addition to recommending a home security system, the police used the arrest to share tips on the safe use of ridesharing apps:

  • Pay attention to where you are cared for and dropped off. For example, if you use the airport by carpool, the driver will know that you will not be home for several days.
  • Recheck your carpool app to make sure the license plate, make, model and color of the car are the same as those assigned to you by the app.
  • Take a picture of the license plate and the vehicle.
  • Do not get in a car and do not give your name to the driver until you ask "who are you here?" If the driver can not identify your name, do not enter.
  • Share the details of your trip with your friends or family. According to Uber, you can press "Share Status" in the mobile app and share the name, photo, license plate and location of your driver with a friend or member of the family. Lyft users can tap the "Send ETA" icon in the bottom bar to send a text message to family or friends with a link to your current route and location.
  • Trust your instinct! If you are not comfortable with the driver's behavior or comments or if you feel that something is wrong, do not get in the car. If you are already in the car, ask to be dropped off and call 911.

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