Police are trying to determine if the owner of Ohio was justified in killing two teenagers


Families of two teenagers who were shot after supposedly entering a house in Dayton, Ohio, demanded accounts. The owner admitted to shooting Javier Harrison and Devin Henderson on Wednesday. Police said teens may have been involved in drug-related activities on the property.

The police are trying to determine if there is a case of legitimate self-defense. Jimmy Harrison, Javier Harrison's father, said the unidentified owner knew his son, but the police did not confirm it.

"I want answers," said Jimmy Harrison.

Harrison stated that he felt that the shooting had been premeditated.

"It was not home, it was in the garage," Harrison said. "You see people who are in your garage, you know, so my first instinct is to call the police, I have the impression that he's done justice to him." -even."

The owner told police he saw a light in his garage Wednesday and found three people sitting inside a car. Police said he had shot his revolver repeatedly, killing both teenagers. The third person ran away but came back when the police arrived.

"It will take time for us to examine the evidence, to present it to the prosecutor 's office and to determine whether it is actually a self – defense or a defense. it is a criminal act, "said Dayton Police Chief Richard Biehl.

Prosecutors have a high standard to prove that it's a crime. This year alone, Ohio has partnered with many other states to compel prosecutors to prove that an owner did not act in self-defense.

While the police are asking for patience during the investigation, the families of the victims want answers now.

"I'm broke, I'm still broken," said Jaylynn Harrison. "My little brother, my baby, he did not even see his 18th birthday, my baby."

The police took the owner into custody for questioning and released him. They are still looking for evidence and have not said whether the teenagers were armed, but Javier Harrison 's family said he had never wore a gun.

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