Police dog "save" cop with CPR in demonstration video becomes viral

Poncho, a police dog in Madrid, became an Internet sensation after a video showing that he seemed to perform CPR on his handler became viral.

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  1. dog paramedics. Metal gear isn't so far fetched after all.

  2. Breathe damn you! I'm not losing you today! Not on my watch! Now, breathe damn you! LOL. GOOD DOGGIE!

  3. THIS sweet, smart, precious little pup jumpstarts MY heart!!!? TRULY man's (AND woman's!) Best Friend!!! I LOVE YOU SWEET PONCO!!! Good dog! Very, VERY GOOD DOG!!!!! ?????

  4. Wie konntest Du mir das antun!! Ich habe mir solche Sorgen gemacht!! Ich dachte schon es wäre was passiert!! Meine Güte, das nächste Mal meldest Du Dich bitte vernünftig ab und sagst, wann Du wieder da bist. Herrschaftszeiten nochmal!

  5. "Performing this technique in a 'masterful' way"? More like mastiff-full.

  6. Now found to be debunked. This was done to entertain primary/jumior school kids. Dogs do not have the strength to do this the police have reported

  7. Please Lord bless all the animals that saves lives every day throughout the world keep them protected keep them fed shelter and most importantly of all loved????????????️????????️???????️?

  8. When I saw this my heart melted with so much love and admiration for our 4 legged best friends! Please humans, they deserve more fun us every day, so lets show them why they are our best friends and how much we appreciate their unconditional love and loyalty:)

  9. 1. I didnt perform cpr.. it emulated it, what it thinks it should look like
    2. Had nothing to do with love.. The dog was properly trained to do just that. Dogs are amazing learners.

  10. If I had a coronary, and this puppy couldn’t save me, at least my last moments would be happy. The puppy might save a person simply by being so great that a person’s heart starts beating again from sheer joy.

  11. Just before the Spanish police go to beat Catalonian freedom protesters haha

  12. I love my dog even more after that saying.

  13. A dog can't perform CPR …they don't have the proper strength to do chest compressions. The sternum is usually broken when done properly.

  14. Omg that's so cute! Thank you the best thing I have seen all day! It put me in tears in my eyes it's so moving.

  15. American(USA) nonsense. Only on TVican.

  16. What did I just saw ?? really good training

  17. Would be great if they also used this to call for better animal cruelty laws

  18. Now AI can't do that, can it?


  20. john billings is wrong

  21. Why is he wearing a blue siren?!?! ?

  22. Seeing a dog's dedication to humans makes me want to cry. God bless.