Police give a warning about the flowers of the CBD & # 39; marijuana-like & # 39; – Local news


GREENFIELD, Ind. (WTHR) – It looks like marijuana. It smells like marijuana. The test will be positive for marijuana and even the addict dog thinks it's marijuana.

But according to the labels, these are products based on CBD.

Hancock County law enforcement forces issue a warning after a retailer told them they have concerns about some of their own products

"Frankly, I'm just amazed to see that they're marketing this product," said Greenfield Police Chief Jeff Rasche. "No matter what Indiana state officer, if I stood up in the air and asked him:" from your training and your experience, what would you do? do you think that's it? "illegal."

Police have asked retailers to buy products called CBD flowers, especially two products distributed by Indy Hemp Company and Aspen Valley. Both gave positive results during a THC field test.

"I think of the school bus driver who may have back pain or something that they will try to repair their shoulder or their back. Will they come to their drug testing program, go through their drug testing program, and lose their jobs? Said Rasche.

Under Indiana's CBD law, products can contain up to 0.3% THC. Even the law enforcement authorities admit that the problem is that they do not have a field test to determine the amount of THC contained in something.

Representatives from Aspen Valley and Indy Hemp Corporation told Eyewitness that, despite the appearance and odor of their products, everything they sell is in compliance with the law on the DBC of Indiana.

"The police department they really need to develop new tests," said Jenny Ingram, who owns a vape shop in Hancock County.

Ingram says that they do not sell the products in question but sell other CBD leaf flowers.

"It's newer, but it's not uncommon," Ingram said. "The CBD we sell is subject to batch testing each time. I believe it's quite legal. "

But the police say that if you have an officer who believes that this is the pot, someone could still be arrested.

"I think you have to be aware of what you are buying and when you buy something that looks like a marijuana plant, it could very well be a marijuana plant sold as something else," Rasche said.


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