Police identify a woman found partially beheaded in the Brooklyn building


She was 20 years old, Savannah Rivera, of Brooklyn, announced the New York Police Department.

Rivera's partially beheaded body was found early Saturday after another woman in the apartment reported an Uber in the street and the driver had called the police, according to a police chief. ;law application.

The investigation revealed that an ax recovered in a garbage compactor of the Bushwick Ward social housing complex was part of the investigation. It is not known if the ax was used in the crime.

When officers arrived at the 8th floor apartment, Rivera was unconscious and unresponsive in the living room where she was pronounced dad. She had several stab wounds and lacerations in her head, arms and body. She had also cut off her fingers, the police said.

They also discovered a 4-year-old girl unscathed. The mother of the 21-year-old child managed to get out of the apartment leaving her daughter in a bedroom, according to a law enforcement official.

She reported an Uber in the street and the driver called the police around 1:30 am Saturday, after noticing a large amount of blood on the woman.

The woman, who also had lacerations to her head and body, was in critical but stable condition at Elmhurst Hospital later Saturday, police said.

The two women were friends or relatives, according to the police.

Police technicians remove bags of alleged evidence from crime scenes in Brooklyn.

The child was taken to a local hospital for assessment and observation, police said.

According to reports in the press, police scene technicians checked fingerprints and other evidence in the lobby of the building on Saturday morning. Residents came and went in pouring rain while a yellow band of police was securing the entrance to the building.

Crime technicians carried bags of alleged evidence in police vehicles.

No arrests were made.

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