Police investigate the first fatality of a dockless scooter in San Diego


A man crashed into a tree while driving a scooter without a dock and died, marking the first death in the city of San Diego involving scooters that are on the street corners of the area.

Christopher Conti, 53, of Woodstock, Ga., Lost consciousness in the March 10th collision on 10th Avenue, near B Street, San Diego police said.

The cyclist was driving a Bird scooter on a sidewalk and was not wearing a helmet when he crashed into a tree.

It was 22 hours. at the time of the accident. Investigators say that the man failed to negotiate a left turn and struck the tree.

The SDPD traffic division was investigating the cause of the collision.

This is not the first fatality involving the popular dockless scooters in the county.

Esteban Galindo, 26, was driving a Bird scooter on Third Avenue in Chula Vista on Dec. 22 when he collided with a car. Galindo's death was the first in the county connected to scooters without a dock.

There have been other road accidents, including two people driving in tandem on an electric scooter on 21st Street and commercial streets in Logan Heights when they collided with a cart in October 2018. .

Since motorized scooters were introduced to the city of San Diego in February 2018, the San Diego City Council's Public Safety and Residential Areas Committee has proposed regulations.

The regulation would implement geofencing to create zones of 8 MPH, create a coherent program of passenger education and allow the city to collect data from each company, among other rules.

A study published in January documented 249 scooter – related emergency room visits to two university hospitals over a period of one year. UCLA researchers say four percent of runners wear a helmet, which is required by California law.

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