JACKSON, Miss. – Two children in a car were shot dead Thursday afternoon in front of a Mississippi hospital, authorities said.

According to Jackson's police chief, James Davis, someone would have fired shots on a gray Honda with a woman and two children in the interior. Children 1 and 3 years old were affected. The woman in the car grabbed the children and ran to the University of Mississippi Medical Center for treatment.

Davis stated that the two children are alive but that their conditions were unknown. One child was shot in the leg and the other in the torso.

Jackson police tweeted that the suspect was driving an unknown dark vehicle. No additional information was available.

UMMC sent an SMS alert around 4:42 pm that said there was an "active shooter at the garage b.This is not an exercise." The alert was sent as a security measure when the shooting was reported for the first time.

Ruth Cummins, a UMMC spokeswoman, said that the shooting had not occurred on campus and that the active shooter warning was no longer in effect. She said the Jackson police and the US Marshals service were conducting the investigation.

Although reports have been reported of an active shooting at the medical training center and at the hospital, this does not seem to be what happened, Davis said.

This story will be updated when more information becomes available.

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