Popeyes Closes Detroit Site After Viral Videos Report Cockroaches, Unhealthy Conditions


A Detroit Popeyes kitchen in Louisiana is closed after a video purporting to show the deplorable conditions inside the restaurant has become widespread on social networks. Teams from the Detroit Department of Health are on the scene. The ministry issued the following statement regarding the situation.



20 thoughts on “Popeyes Closes Detroit Site After Viral Videos Report Cockroaches, Unhealthy Conditions”

  1. She spoke the truth and she showed us what really goes on behind the scenes of fast food restaurants and for that inspector he should be fired her video clearly shows health code violations unsanitary conditions and you seen it as I did nasty-ass Grease roaches crawling up and down the wall and just plain filth and this is the corporate you should hire this young lady as the manager because your company makes people sick look look at how you serve your food look what's in your food sorry no Popeyes for me if I can't see it being made I don't need it or I go to places where they know me and I know them young lady I hope you get a nice job you deserve 1

  2. Stop patronizing these people!!! When are you going to learn, the nail salons ,the Chinese food, hair stores stop it. It's beginning to Vex my spirit. Black people wake-up!!!!!!

  3. First off, Bad management!
    Second employees should have stayed on top off cleaning!
    Third, and most importantly, you really need to rethink your diet consumers. I got food poisoning from KFC years ago! And was hospitalized.
    This is when i stop eating fast food! Period!

  4. I don't blame her this just nasty I wouldn't dare serve anybody that mess…. I'm glad she did it cause the inspector seen it he just didn't care but his job need to be gone. I wouldn't eat there if they tore it down a built another one

  5. This is a terrible way to run a restaurant. we can all agree. But why do people get so mad when they find out that fast food places ( like this) don't care about how they serve you. Not saying everyone in there didn't care or not that this is Right, This is fucking terrible, Not saying all fast food places are guilty of this but, in Fast food, to some employees or managers , this is fast money. (Some employees and Managers are definitely not going for that shit) . But my main point is , what do you expect when you trust other people with your food. Some people care Some people don't. For those who don't, They have a rude awakening awaiting them (aka This Situation LOL) . For those who care are sometimes worked the hardest until they stand up. And no offense , if you can go drive and buy something at a fast food place, you can also go drive and buy something at the grocery store. Lol that lady at the end was some what right, You're not supposed to feeding anyone Roaches twerking in the chicken, Lmao But then again you are also not forced to go to popeyes. Maybe they don't like other food place or its the closest but , nobody put the blunt to your lip and made you smoke it. Prayers go out to all those that may have ate here . God bless

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