Portal Editor and Senior Designer Riot Games Launch New Cooperative Games Studio


Chet Faliszek, writer of Portal and Left 4 Dead, and Riot Games' lead technical designer, Kimberly Voll, have launched a new studio called Stray Bombay Company, which will focus on developing "collaborative gaming experiences" based on AI.

"While Kim and I were talking about the kind of games we wanted to create, we realized we wanted to create games that gave players a place to breathe and live fully," Faliszek wrote on straybombay.com. "Games that tell stories knowing that you will come back again and again, change every time you play them without feeling completely random, and help you feel like a real team that supports each other … not a bunch of people in each other, and where artificial intelligence not only fights enemies, it also helps to drive all the experience. "

Faliszek is probably the best known of both players, but Voll also has an impressive list of credits. Over the years, she has participated in numerous independent games, including Fantastic Contraption, a must-have product for HTC Vive owners, and last year she gave a presentation to the GDC about how Riot had reorganized the honors system of League of Legend.

"We think the time has come to change the culture of game development." Make everyone equal, not only in its impact on the project, but also in how we share the spoils of our success. in terms of PTO, because we trust ourselves for We want to create games that reflect our culture, "said Voll.

"We are backed by like-minded patient investors, with Kevin at Upfront Ventures as a leader, who has known us for years, working with Chet on a game board, as well as Riot Games. games, but more importantly, support from the beginning the technology start-ups led by their founders and their employees towards long-term independent success. "

With the announcement of the studio, it is now planned to "sink into the dark as we begin to lay the foundations of our new world". However, it seems that considerable progress has already been made in this direction, while Faliszek told PC Games Insider that he had a prototype running Unity and Unreal before joining Voll to launch the studio.

"We know the direction we are going in. By joining the team, it will help to find the game more clearly, we are very iterative, everyone is a designer, everyone is involved in the process," he said. declared. "Everyone joins [the studio] will have a significant impact on the project. Clearly, we have a plan, there is a framework on which we can block everything, but everyone will be able to express themselves and make an impact. "

Faliszek also confirmed that he was no longer part of Bossa Studios, the developer of Worlds Adrift to which he had joined in 2017. In fact, it seems that this is an important part of what led to the launch of Stray Bombay .

"I just do not think it was the right game, Bossa is great, I love them, it was the most cordial break to make sure everyone was fine and s & rsquo; To help each other as best as we could … I take a lot By noting the notes, I monitor the progress and see where things are in order to have a good perspective, and I brought information and we have discussed and it was not good for both sides and we decided to break up. "

Faliszek said that it was Bossa's responsibility to comment on the progress of this project after his departure. So I went to ask for it and would update it if I received an answer. To follow the evolution of the new project, you can add your name to the mailing list on straybombay.com.

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