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Post reaction to vote of Volkswagen Chattanooga not to organize

Reaction Friday evening and Saturday morning. Picture of WTVC.

It's a mixture of emotions that go from being ecstatic to disliking … the outcome of the final vote for Volkswagen Chattanooga … not to become a union.

For some … Friday night was a festive night

"I am excited about the results," said Matthew Barnett, an employer at Volkswagen.

Results that took three days to see … out of a rush of 29 votes, the factory voted against unionization.

Barnett works at the Volkswagen Chattanooga factory, at the body shop and at the closing line … he is happy that the vote is over. His reasoning …

"Where I work, I do not have to complain, I have a very good job, I have excellent insurance, I take care of myself, I can pay my bills.

A day after this vote … the reaction to the final vote is not the same …

U-A-W Party spokesman Brian Rothenberg said that although the vote did not go as he had wished, he was still rearranging the workers for trying.

"I think those, especially those who have worked to create a union, are very brave," Rothenberg said.

That he thinks the vote has been delayed for financial reasons …

"1,700 votes and thought it would be close … a lot of outside influences were spent and politicians were involved," Rothenberg said.

Volkswagon Chattanooga discussed organizing in 2014; However, the results of that year also boosted the union … with 53% of the non-votes and 47% of the positive votes.

776 employees voted for a representation from the UAW and 833 employees voted against.

While Rothenberg is for the union that is forming at Volkswagen Chattanooga … there are people like Matthew Barnett who say that it's a breath of fresh air for him.

"I'm happy with the way things are going, I do not mind the way I come to work every day and Volkswagen does not ask me much," Barnett said.

Rothenberg said the Volkswagen Chattanooga workers would remain unorganized for the time being.

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