Postgame Grizzlies: Conley fails to get the ball, nor the call, in a near Chicago defeat


Two nights after LeBron and the Lakers left the city with a defeat, FedExForum could not muster the same energy – on the ground – in a match between Wednesday night two of the six worst teams in the NBA .

After a tough start, Mike Conley made big games in the fourth quarter, but not enough for the Grizzlies to take revenge for a defeat in Chicago two weeks ago.

The visiting Chicago Bulls (17-45) outperformed its main options than the Grizzlies (24-39) obtained a loss of 109-107 from Memphis.

Despite a 3-of-16 shooting start, Conley scored 12 in the fourth quarter, limited by a 4-point game that reduced the Grizzlies' deficit from seven to three with 80 seconds remaining. But he did not have the chance to close.

With the Bulls' defense on Conley, an equal attempt a minute later came back to the former Bull, Justin Holiday, lost on the wing.

Down four with 17 seconds to play, center Grizzlies Jonas Valanciunas bullfighter struck Kris Dunnto Conley, who fell to the floor just as the inbounds passage was heading towards him.

The ball went off the field, as was the Grizzlies' weak hope of victory. There was no whistle.

Little before Otto Porter, which burned the Grizzlies for 37 points on 16 of 20 shots in Chicago on February 13, returned to the Bulls formation after missing his last two games with a leg training, scoring 20 points.

Second year Lauri Markkanen, who has scored at least 20 goals in every game this month, has maintained his winning streak with 22. And the former Slam Dunk champion Zach LaVine Led all scorers with 30 for Chicago.

Conley (21 out of 7 out of 21 shots) fighting for most of the match, the Grizzlies do not have quite the firepower needed. Avery Bradley He was hot in the third quarter and kicked 23 goals, but Valanciunas (13 and 7) could not compete against the strong defense of the center of Chicago. Robin Lopez.

The Grizzlies narrowly missed their chance to win two straight wins for the first time in three weeks. They will have two days off before heading back to Saturday and Sunday in Dallas and Oklahoma City.

Referees hate your team

J.B. Bickerstaff delivereda passionate call after the match to Conley so that he gets a better whistling, apparently guided by the absence of late phone call in the game:

"As many games as he has played, as many times as he has been, as many times as he has been knocked down. A guy who continues to be smart and to behave as he should, and who continues to be disrespected. It's insulting that I have to stay here and have this conversation at this point of the season. At this point in his career. This has absolutely nothing to do with this year. Nothing has changed. Mike has been one of the toughest players in the league. He never settles. He continues to go into painting. He's doing what's right with his team. He is doing what is right on the part of his teammates and his organization. The guy played with a broken face because it was the right thing to do. He has not changed the game. At some point, someone should show him respect, the usual courtesy, to allow him to be treated like the rest of the league. We do not ask for me. We do not ask him to be treated differently. We just want him to get his due. "

You can watch the clip of the play here from the Grizzlies' post-game show:

J & # 39; appreciates Brevin Knight and Chris Vernon do not get excited about this no-call. As in basketball, it could have gone one way or the other. Did Dunn push Conley? Sure. But after the random screen of Valanciunas, pushed it.

After the match, Conley stated that he "thought that there was enough contact to make a mistake" and that he was surprised that it was a call without appeal, but did not go out of his way. be not delayed.

"To come back, that's not why we lost the game, this last game. There are several other games that put us in this situation," Conley said. "We take this property."

From this point of view, the officials are not the story of this game, and certainly not this season of the Grizzlies.

Clip of the night

This did not alter the final result, but the game of the night remains:

Tweets were watching

Joakim Noah had another strong game on the bench, with 12 points, 9 rebounds and 3 assists in 21 minutes.

Style elements

Robin Lopez and Joakim Noah is a fun little game. Flying elbows and flying hair. Noah's musical selections after the match (usually reggae or jazz) sometimes infiltrate the locker room and rank the group. Lopez once said that his favorite movie was Cary Grant, 1938 /Katharine Hepburn ball screw the classic comedy "Bringing Up Baby". They are men of taste and style.

But has a crime been committed? Anthony Sain, of The Memphis Flyer, was throwing nonsense:

Action of arena

The Wing Guru concession at the FedExForum Terrace opened self-service kiosks tonight. I can personally say that it works well. It was a sacrifice, but it's the kind of consumer story that readers expect.

Injury updates (of one type)

Bickerstaff asked questions before the game about the injuries of Jaren Jackson Jr. (deep bruise to the thigh) and Kyle Anderson (shoulder pain).

The Grizzlies had already ranked Jackson as "indefinitely" and we had suggested here that there was a good chance it meant for the rest of the season. Bickerstaff seemed to imply just as much: "The disadvantages (Jackson's coming back soon) far outweigh the benefits. He continues to be monitored, but he is not even where he is currently on the ground. I would not expect to see it anytime soon, "Bickerstaff said.

As for Anderson, he had more tests on Wednesday and Bickerstaff suggested that information could be provided this week. His elaboration of the question was perhaps a little worrying:

"It's just about fixing the problem and explaining why it's happening. This is the frustrating part for Kyle and for all of us; you must find a problem to solve it. He has problems, and I think it's important that we do it with him and that we explore all the avenues to explore to find the problem, find the cause, and then we can move forward. "

Latest "Assist" by Mike Conley

Congratulations to Conley for winning the NBA Cares Community Assist Award in January. Conley was awarded the prize in Central Court before this match.

From the NBA press release on the price:

Kaiser Permanente and the NBA pay tribute to Conley for the support and opportunities he offers to Memphis youth. On the Occasion of the Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebration and National Mentoring Month, Conley participated in a frank discussion and tour of the National Museum of Civil Rights with five young men from the Memphis Charter School Grizzlies. By animating them in a conversation about Dr. King's work and legacy, the group exchanged ideas on how to bring communities together and actively tackle social issues. An active member of the Grizzlies Foundation's Board of Directors, Conley regularly advises young men of color at Grizzlies Prep and has donated more than $ 200,000 to the organization.

In addition, he provided financial and emotional support to the family and friends of Kameren Johnson, a 9-year-old Memphis teenager who lost her life in a bus accident last December. Conley welcomed Kameren's family and his Orange Mound teammates and coaches to the Grizzlies game on Dec. 26 when he gave Johnson's mother custom-made, game-worn sneakers. He also donated $ 15,000 for a mental wellness retreat, counseling sessions, a fun arcade night and help pay medical bills for Kameren's teammates injured in the accident. Last fall, Conley also held his 10th Annual Bowl N 'Bash Conference for the benefit of the Methodist Healthcare Full Methodology Center. He is a regular youth host to the Grizzlies Tickets for Kids program and is an ambassador for the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

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