Precise Apex Legends hitboxes finally revealed after fan frustration |


A fan of Apex Legends has doing everything possible to give other players a clear idea of ​​current hitboxes – as a result of recent frustrations over differences with the current eight unique characters at stake

Apex Legends has swept the world of video games since its surprising release on February 4, with more than 25 million players playing the title in the first two weeks of its launch. Yet, hit-boxes of characters have recently caused a sensation.

Despite all the praise, some fans still struggle to understand the captions and their shapes and sizes, which affects the parts that will suffer damage depending on the size of the developers of the game.

Respawn Entertainment has already taken into account concerns about the recent potential "snap boxes", but YouTuber SookieSpy has now shown the differences between each legend and their size.

Respawn Entertainment

Each player is different.

SookieSpy showed how well he was able to accurately represent each legend by shooting around to see what had hit or not. It may have taken a few hours, but the YouTuber was able to give other players a clear idea of ​​what to target.

However, YouTuber also explained that the hitbox of a character can change depending on the animation in which it is located. Legends have inactive animations in the game, even when they are inactive: so they can nod, lie down or just move their arms anyway. The hit-boxes change to cover the whole body in these moments.

He also explained that the clothes, hair or loose objects that hang from the character are not part of the hitbox for most of them, but for some.

However, he did not reveal what legends had different hit-boxes for their items or their clothes, but he stated that the players could not shoot the Caustic gas trap in the hope of finding an explosive murder.


Precise hit zones for each Apex legend.

In response to SookieSpy's video, the popular Twitch & BasicallyIDoWrk streamer & # 39; has released another hitbox crash that highlights the huge disparities between each character's hitboxes, triggering many discussions within the Apex Legends community.

Although Respawn has confirmed that they are reviewing addresses with certain character mailboxes, a redesign of each caption could be helpful in the near future.

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