President Jokowi, away from trends, learns to discuss communication clues


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President Jokowi learned sign language to communicate with friends with disabilities

The public has largely understood how President Joko Widodo used sign language during the opening statement of the 2018 Asian Games at GBK Main Stadium in Jakarta on Saturday evening, October 6, 2018.

But few people know how the president prepares to practice using language generally intended for hearing-impaired friends, especially the deaf community.

Surya Sahetapy, a deaf activist, is the man who presided over the appearance by the president of sign language last night, who was appointed to train President Jokowi.

As an activist, Surya also socializes with diligence the use of the word deaf. According to him, friends of the deaf community prefer him.

"Among them, prefer to be called deaf than deaf," said Surya.

He said that before, President Jokowi had learned through the video that he had sent, but that President Jokowi had finally decided to meet directly. In fact, Surya was invited to accompany the president during a visit to Boyolali, in central Java on Saturday morning.

Having practiced several times since morning, even while going to the Indonesian presidential plane – 1, President Jokowi has successfully practiced the use of sign language during his speech at the time of the day. opening of the Para-Asian Games in 2018, Saturday night (6/10).

Surya also relayed to the press, media and information from the presidential secretariat the response of deaf friends who were moved to see the president using sign language. For them, this shows that sign language is increasingly accepted by the community.

"Deaf friends were moved and goose bumps watched the president use sign language.It seems that the president has left us from a place that was tortured because the sign language was considered strange. previously and finally recognized by the general public Alhamdulillah! " Said Surya. .