President Trump calls Governor J.B. Pritzker "my friend" and swears "I will help you"


Governor J. B. Pritzker exchanged words with President Donald Trump Monday morning at an event hosted at the White House for governors from across the country.

But that was probably not the kind of exchange Prtizker's most ardent supporters could have hoped for.

Towards the end of his speech, Trump noted that there were 17 new governors at the event in the state dining room. "Very smart, like my friend," said Trump, turning to Pritzker, who often criticized the president.

"Congratulations, it's great – you're going to have – you're so easy to get in. It's so easy. Great state of Illinois. What an easy state. I do not know. found it easier or harder than you thought?

"Well, you'll help us," Pritzker replied, making his colleagues laugh.

"I will help you. I help everyone. I will help you, "said Trump.

In his address to the governors, Trump went through his list of accomplishments – including reducing taxes and regulations and signing a criminal justice reform bill – and presented his perspective on the ongoing trade negotiations with the United States. China. He also thanked the governors present who supported his administration's trade agreement with Canada and Mexico.

After his speech, the president left for Vietnam where he will meet North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to discuss the Asian nation's nuclear program.

"I think we will have an extraordinary high," Trump told the governors. "We want denuclearization, and I think it will have a country that will set many records in terms of speed in terms of the economy."

The appearance of Pritzker at the White House surprised some because his public schedule of the day had not been unveiled. Spokesperson, Jordan Abudayyeh, said that a technical problem prevented the broadcast of Monday's program. The governor has been in Washington since late last week for a meeting of the National Governors Association.

Trump announced Thursday that Pritzker was one of 10 members of the bipartite governing council, which provides coordination among states on national security issues.

At the meeting of the association, Pritzker and other governors argued for the cancellation of the change to the federal tax deduction for national and local taxes, said Abudayyeh. As part of the Republican tax redesign signed in late 2017, the deduction was capped at $ 10,000, which affected residents of states with high property taxes, including Illinois.

Monday's visit to the White House was Pritzker's second in three months. In December, he and other newly elected governors from across the country accepted an invitation to meet with the president.

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