US trade tactics under President Donald Trump run the risk of ratifying the ratification of the new North American trade agreement. (June 14)

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump says health care will be at the center of his re-election campaign and that his administration will publish its plan to replace Obamacare in a few months.

"We already have the concept of the plan, but it will cost a lot less than Obamacare," Trump said in a television interview broadcast Sunday night on ABC News. 20/20. "And it will be much better health care."

Trump, who will officially begin his re-election campaign in Orlando, Florida on Tuesday, gave no details about his health care plan, but said he was in favor of continuing insurance coverage for people with pre-existing conditions.

President Donald Trump (Photo: Joe Raedle)

In April, Trump suggested not to have Congress vote to replace Obamacare before the 2020 elections. But in the television interview, he told interviewer George Stephanopoulos that his administration would unveil his plan for the first time. replacement of Obamacare before the elections.

When asked what he would do to voters next year, Trump said it would also focus on safety, security and the economy.

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During the one – hour program, some of whose parts were released last week, Trump addressed a number of other topics:

-Trump said that he was using Twitter to spread his message and bypass what he calls "a very unfair press".

"If I do not use social media, I do not get the message across," he said.

Trump said that even some of his supporters wanted to reduce his tweets, he said, "Some people say that." But other people "would be very unhappy if I stopped one day," he said. -he declares.

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-Trump claimed that no other president had been treated so badly by the press. Not even Abraham Lincoln.

"Abraham Lincoln was supposedly very badly treated, but no one was abused like me," he said.

-Trump insisted that he had never planned to dismiss special advocate Robert Mueller and that Richard Nixon was part of it.

In his report on Russia's meddling in the 2016 election, Mueller concluded that Trump had ordered White House lawyer Don McGahn to fire Mueller, but that McGhan had refuse. But Trump said he was not going to fire Mueller.

"You know why? Because I watched Richard Nixon chase everyone out and that did not work out very well," he said.

He was apparently referring to Nixon's alleged "Saturday Night Massacre", which occurred on October 20, 1973.

Nixon ordered Attorney General Elliot Richardson to remove Independent Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox. When Richardson refused and resigned, Nixon then ordered Deputy Attorney General William Ruckelshaus to fire Cox. Ruckelshaus refused and also resigned. Nixon then asked Solicitor General Robert Bork to fire Cox at Nixon's request.

Whatever the case may be, the chain of events has been very damaging for Nixon.

Trump hinted that former President Barack Obama was aware of what he said was an FBI effort to undermine his presidential campaign.

When asked if Obama was behind this effort, Trump is covered. But, "I would say that he certainly must have known, because it was very high in the chain."

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