Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists Series Ends Explaining

pretty Little Liars"The new fallout may not happen in Rosewood, but after the events of the first round of Wednesday, we still feel like we're in familiar territory. Between false death, burning secrets and the existence of an omniscient entity, Perfectionists given PLL The junkies the dramatic solution they need since the original series ended almost two years ago.

But the drama raises questions, which some of the star, Marlene King and actress Hayley Erin (aka Taylor!) Were able to answer during TVLine's recent visit to the cinema perfectionists set in Portland, Oregon:

1. What happened to "Emison"? | "We're going to explore that a little bit more," King said of Alison's relationship with Emily, admitting she had trouble figuring out why the fan favorite would have said so. "When we left them, they were so happy. What would really separate them? When we looked back, the only thing they always ran into was trust. It was not an easy decision, but as "we only had one member of this couple to bring to this show," it was necessary.

2. How did Mona lose the Drakes? | Although she does not mention them by name, Mona hints in the first that Mary and Alex Drake have "escaped" to his Parisian dollhouse, a story that King hopes to tell in its entirety. "It's not something you'll see right now, but as we breathe a little bit more and slow down the story, I'd love it to be his own episode."

3. Is Beacon Guard the new "A"? | "At the end of the first 10 episodes, a new 'A' 'is discovered," said King. "I think you can not have" Pretty Little Liars "in your title without some kind of Big Bad that has this ubiquitous presence.There's an element of Beacon Guard that is tied to the Big Bad of this show, which is the only thing that's going on. is all I'm going to say for the moment. "

4. What's next for Taylor? | Claire Hotchkiss's daughter may have died in the world, but like all the characters alleged to have died PLLConversely, she will not remain forever. "Someone has come to understand, find her and try to convince her that she can re-insert herself," Hayley Erin said. "Even when you think you know Taylor's secrets, there are secrets under these secrets. That's what makes it very dangerous. You do not know if you can trust him. "

5. How will the mystery unfold? | King will not say who is responsible for Nolan's death (duh!), But she promises that it will be truly PLL style: "Nolan will not be in every episode, as Alison was in the corner, but we keep her character close." In the meantime, his death will further affect the relationships of those who are closer to him. can achieve. "We will explore life without Nolan. Will everyone be friends now that he's gone? Because he really did not want them to be friends. We will talk about it in the next episodes. "

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