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Prime Day MacBook Offers: Classic MacBook Air and 3 other discontinued models available for hundreds of less

MacBook Air 04-2019-and MacBook pro-2019

The new MacBook Air.

Sarah Tew / CNET

Apple made some changes to its MacBooks lineup last week, bringing its range two slightly updated models. The updated MacBook Air has added a True Tone screen and lowered the starting price from 100 USD to 1,099 USD. Otherwise, it's the same revised 2018 model that came out last fall, which added a Retina display, a Touch ID, a butterfly keypad and Thunderbolt 3 ports (USB-C). Meanwhile, in the 13-inch MacBook Pro range, Apple has completely redesigned this entry-level model. At $ 1,299, you're now buying a quad-core Intel processor (instead of dual-core), as well as the Touch ID and Touch Bar features that were previously available for models starting at $ 1,799. These more expensive models still offer faster Intel processors, and 4 Thunderbolt ports rather than 2 – but hey, it's a good upgrade if you can live without an exhaust key.

But with these 2 new models, there are 4 victims of the line. In order to streamline the purchases processed, Apple has focused its efforts on:

  • The "classic" MacBook Air has standard USB ports, a dedicated video output and even an SD card slot. Ports were certainly more versatile, but processors and displays other than Retina were very outdated. Still, he had his fans – and sold for $ 999.
  • The 12-inch MacBook, which was the smallest and lightest model in the range.
  • The 2018 version of the Air (the one that is almost identical to the 2019 model, with the exception of the lack of True Tone screen).
  • This MacBook Pro dual core older. Although slower than its siblings, the so-called "MacBook Escape" has created a niche for people who have avoided the striking bar instead of a reliable old-fashioned row of function keys (including this glorious touch d & # 39; exhaust).

The new MacBooks are ready for back to school (students get a $ 100 discount and even a free Beats headset with some models). However, if you are not ready to handle the controversial butterfly keyboard that still seems to be causing problems, do not worry, because you can still buy the 4 discontinued products from the retailers listed below. Current prices range from $ 440 (refurbished) to over $ 1,000, depending on storage configurations.

Note that CNET may obtain a share of the revenue from the sale of the products presented on this page.

The "classic" MacBook Air

This model, with its non-retina screen, is still available from buyers in the education channel. But consumers can still find it as good – new as used. Read the review of the MacBook Air

12-inch MacBook

Yes, he had only one USB-C port, he was underpowered if you did something work-oriented and he was at the origin of the controversial butterfly keyboard of 2015. But, in some ways it was a big "writer laptop," too. We omit older (slower) Core M, Core m3 and m5 models and only link to the newer Core i5 versions below. Read the review of the MacBook 12 inches

13-inch MacBook Pro (without touchbar)

Can not deal with a touch bar? The venerable "MacBook Escape" can always be yours.

MacBook Air 2018

This is the updated version of the MacBook Air that has just been introduced last fall. All you really miss compared to the new 2019 model, is the True Tone screen.

What do you think of the new changes to the MacBook? Let us know in the comments.

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