Prime Minister Modi's Jyotiraditya scandal has blurred and ridiculed such controversy | Viral Video | Oneindia Hindi


Congress leader Jyotiraditya said commodity prices are rising at the rate of the Bullet train. Elections to the Assembly: Modi-ji was attacking He spoke of the high-speed train, but inflation is now growing at the speed of the high-speed train and prices for gasoline and diesel are rising soaring, "said the MP for Guna.

Congress veteran Jyotiraditya Scindia has accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of much pleasure. In addressing a public meeting on Wednesday, Scindia said in Prime Minister Modi's Mishimi, "Narendra Modi was in the habit of saying, when I hear the rule, I'm going to bring the train to great speed". I will bring a high speed train between Bombay and Ahmedabad. Hey Modi ji …. the high speed trains have not arrived, but in your situation, the price of gasoline has risen to 90 rupees and the price of diesel has risen to 75 rupees per liter. And Modi ji travels abroad. The price is definitely rising like a high speed train.

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