Prince Harry inherited this strange habit of Prince Charles


Prince Harry and his father, Prince Charles, have not always had the easiest relationship. Even though they were close by as Prince Harry was growing up, the tragic death of the undisciplined behavior of the red prince in his teens and early twenties certainly put a strain on the father-son relationship.

Fortunately, in recent years, the future King of England and his second son worked to repair their relationship and Prince Harry's wife, Duchess Meghan Markle, only helped with this help. Nevertheless, there is a strange habit that Prince Harry inherited from his father.

The strange habit that Prince Harry inherited from Prince Charles

Prince Charles has always been a passionate ecologist and his passion for the land has touched both Prince Harry and Prince William. In the documentary, Prince Charles at 70Prince William revealed, "He took us to pick up trash when we were younger, on vacation. We were in Norfolk on school holidays and we went out to pick up the trash with him. We thought it was perfectly normal, everyone had to do it. We were there with our spikes stabbing the garbage in black plastic bags. "

As a result, Prince Harry went on long walks when he was in school, looking for trash and picking them up. But this is not the strangest habit he has inherited from his father. In the movie, Baby Sussex's father explained, "He's a fool for turning off the lights. And now it's something that obsesses me too. My wife will definitely: "Well, why turn off the lights? You know, it's dark. I say, "We only need one lamp, we do not need six lamps. We should all do it. Let's hope that Baby Sussex is not afraid of the dark.

Did Meghan Markle help repair the relationship between Prince Charles and Prince Harry?

Prince Charles loves Duchess Meghan Markle, so much so that he would call it "Teflon", which refers to someone who can resist criticism or attacks with no apparent effect. According to E! Online, "Prince Charles thinks she's charming and very bright, and the Duchess Camilla thinks Markle has started very well to become a member of the family."

Markle's presence also helped Prince Charles and Prince Harry create links. A royal source told the Daily Mail: "Princes Harry and William reportedly reproached their father for being away for much of their childhood, Markle helped to heal this injury with his instant report to Prince Charles. Meghan met Charles and was seduced by his charm. She told Harry that he was wonderful, welcoming, warm, hardworking, kind and stable.

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