Prince William and Kate Middleton spend their school holidays to the surprise


While Prince William, Kate Middleton, and their children have already had a ski holiday during the February holidays of this year. This year, they took a much quieter vacation, which allowed the family to have a good time.

Kate Middleton and Prince William
Prince William and Kate Middleton | NEIL HANNA / AFP / Getty Images

Prince William and Kate Middleton took a break from the official

Prince William and Kate Middleton usually have a busy schedule of official commitments, but last week they did not reserve anything because their children had a mid-term leave of the school.

The lack of events and appearances meant that they could devote their attention to Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. They would have left the capital to visit their home country of Anmer Hall in Norfolk.

The children had a special moment with their mother

Although little is known about the week of unavailability, Kate would have taken the two older children to a nearby luxury hotel so the kids could swim at the pool.

A source told the Daily Mail: "The two children swam
without help and were super confident. They went under the pretty powerful jets in
l & # 39; water. Kate politely asked us if it was ok for them to turn it on.

It was a fairly ordinary scene of mothers and children, as the witness noted: "They were doing small jumps in their arms. Kate did not move on their side. George asked to go out to use the hot tub, but she answered "no".

Charlotte reportedly made "small duck dives
next to the pool "and shouted:" Look mom, I'm diving in. "Middleton
also assisted George with a small swim race, as the source shared: "She
says "ready, go ahead shut up" and did a cutting action down in the water for
indicate the beginning of the race. "

Middleton and the kids then used the sauna and steam room
piece. It is believed that Prince Louis probably spent the day at home with the prince
William or their nanny.

Why did the family choose the holidays at the country house?

We do not know why the royal family did not escape a
a fun holiday destination, but the couple often spend time in their country
sharing their time between the sprawling Anmer Hall and their apartment
at the kensington palace.

PEOPLE pointed out that this style of life is typical of members of the royal family, with Prince Charles sharing his time between Clarence's house in London and his country house in Tetbury, Gloucestershire. Queen Elizabeth also travels between Windsor Castle and Sandringham Estate in Norfolk.

According to a report this week, Prince William and Kate Middleton consider Anmer Hall their home. The renovations of the mansion have helped to improve privacy, making the country estate a total change of scenery compared to the daily attention it is subject to.

A source told the Telegraph that the region "is definitely not a social home" and that the family is safe, with all visitors "closely watched".

After the birth of Princess Charlotte, police from a village in Norfolk, near Anmer Hall, wrote to the media asking them to respect the family's privacy.

The letter explained: "In the past, there have been a number of intrusions into the private life of the royal family … professional photographers using long distance lenses, not only to observe the royal law. Family, but also to photograph them devoting themselves to their activities on the field. "

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