Cheers to five years of kindness. Happy birthday, Prince George!

Royals, they are like us: they celebrate Father's Day with pretty Instagram posts. But some blame Prince William for being too selective in his photo choices this year.

In an Instagram post from @kensingtonroyal (the joint account of Prince William and Duchess Kate), the couple wished everyone a happy Father's Day, just as Prince Harry did with his post showing a new picture of Archie baby.

William's message, however, was raised after the fans pointed out that the photos excluded a number of royals: the first image represented only William and his youngest son, Prince Louis, a year old. The second showed William and his father, Prince Charles.

Oh, there are three royal kiddos! Clockwise, from the left: Prince Louis, Prince William, Duchess Kate, Princess Charlotte and Prince George. The royal family welcomed the crowds from the balcony of Buckingham Palace after the June 8 Trooping the Color show. (Photo: Chris Jackson / Getty Images)

Fans have wondered in the comments why the prince did not pose with his three children for the occasion – and why the Duchess Kate and her father were not included.

"(Kensington Palace) has made no effort to publish this message," criticized a user. "Where are the photos of him with his other two children?"

"And what about Papa Middleton?" another questioned.

Another user joked, "Seriously, does not William have a picture of him and his three children?"

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Others have claimed that the message should not be taken "so seriously" – the two shared photos were just pretty snapshots of Will's life.

"It must be one of my favorite photos of William as a father … Louis' look at his father is priceless." Such a look of confidence. "

"I like that," wrote a user. "No personal promotion, simple words that encompass and apply to everyone … Two beautiful images that show us what (the holidays) means to William."

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