Prior to being a candidate, Pete Buttigieg had been elected "most likely" to be president


The Democratic presidential candidate, Pete Buttigieg, could be ahead of his competitors in 2020.

In South Bend, Indiana, Buttigieg is almost universally known and almost everyone seems to have a history of "Mayor Pete".

Katie Kowals, a nurse in charge of admission to the city's Memorial Hospital, said her brother-in-law knew Buttitgieg well, but he added, "He was exactly how he is now."

"Do you know what else?" she asked. "Mayor Pete was also elected most likely to become president in our directory."

In 2000, while in high school, Buttigieg was elected "president most likely to become president" at St. Joseph's High School.

Peter Kowals, Kowals' brother-in-law, appears in the photo of the yearbook with Buttigieg, hands around his neck.

The Democratic presidential candidate South Bend, Indiana, mayor, Pete Buttigieg, is pictured on a page of the 2000 edition of the St. Joseph High School High School Yearbook. with a caption the caller. (Yearbook of St. Joseph High School) Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Democratic presidential candidate, in Indiana, is pictured on a page of the 2000 edition of the St. Joseph's High School Yearbook. with a caption calling "It is very likely that he is President of the United States".

The Catholic school yearbook was unearthed in a public library in South Bend, the same weekend, the mayor of the 299th city of America announced that he was performing his first attempt at the White House.

While browsing the rest of his high school books, he went from a simple photo to his first year – wearing hair in battle and big glasses – to a dizzying array of activities, including the National Honor Society, Club Junior Leaders and Philosophy. He was often seen wearing a white shirt, a tie and no jacket, which also became his current political uniform.

His senior year, he was also elected most likely to succeed and eventually became his class follower.

James Mueller is another person who occupies an important place in these same yearbooks. He now hopes to take over from "Mayor Pete" at South Bend Town Hall. Buttigieg even has a sign "James Mueller for Mayor" on his lawn.

Buttigieg, 37, a self-proclaimed "mayor of the millennium", speaks six languages ​​and claims to be the antithesis of President Donald Trump.

He recently told Bill Maher of HBO he was "a casual, intellectual, young, gay and gay mayor of the Midwest".

Buttigieg also speaks openly about having a child with her husband, Chasten.

He has been busy since he was anointed in the superlatives section of the high school yearbook. He graduated from Harvard University and Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar. He joined the Navy Reserve and toured Afghanistan. And in the weeks leading up to his bid to send the official campaign, he has gone from almost total national darkness to a player from the Democratic realm.

Democratic presidential candidate 2020, Pete Buttigieg, speaks at a public meeting in Fort Dodge, Iowa, on April 16, 2019.(Elijah New Zealand / Reuters) Democratic presidential candidate 2020, Pete Buttigieg, speaks at a public meeting in Fort Dodge, Iowa, on April 16, 2019.

At 18, Buttigieg won the John F. Kennedy Courage Contest for his research on the US representative of the time, Bernie Sanders, the man who preceded him closely in the polls.

"Above all, I congratulate Bernie Sanders for giving me an answer to those who say that young Americans see politics as a gulf of corruption, beyond redemption." I heard that no sensible young person would ever want to give their lives to the public, and I can personally assure you that this is not true, "he told the South Bend Tribune on May 15, 2000.

At 29, Buttigieg became the youngest mayor of a city of at least 100,000 inhabitants in 2011. If he was elected in 2020, he would become the youngest president of the city. American history.

"I recognize the audacity to do that as the millenial mayor of the Midwest," he said in his speech.

He then added: "Until recently, it was not exactly what I was thinking of to spend my eighth year as mayor and my 38th year in this world, but we are living in a moment that forces us all to act. "

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