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Speculation swirls Priyanka Chopra and royal BFF Meghan Markle had a scramble after the Duchess of Sussex jumped on Priyanka and Nick Jonas & # 39; Indian wedding made last December.

The subject was addressed by a curious interlocutor during Thursday's "Watch What Happens Live" broadcast and hosted by Andy Cohen was just as eager for answers.

"They said you did not go to her shower because you were mad at her!" he told his star guest "Quantico", who laughed at the rumor.

"Oh, my God," said Priyanka with a smile. "No, that's not true."

Another interlocutor asked the actress: "Since you are in 'N is not it romantic?' With Liam Hemsworth, and Miley [Cyrus] and Nick are still friends, what do you think are the chances of making a double appointment in the future? "The appellant also wanted to know if Priyanka was real friends with Miley, since she has already frequented Nick.

"We actually talked about that – making a double appointment at one point," she replied. "I hope it's going to happen! I love Liam. It's a great guy, so I'm sure it'll be a fun group to go out with."

Commenting on her relationship with Liam's wife, Priyanka said, "I've met Miley only twice, but she's amazing, she has shown such support for Liam and the movie as we promote and that Liam was sick, fan, because I think his music is amazing, and you can not deny it. "

Reversing the wedding tea

Andy then questioned his guest on "the wedding of the year", not apologizing for snubbing Prince Harry and the 2018 Royal Case of Meghan Markle. "Come to me!" he joked before asking his first burning question to Priyanka: "Who cried the most during the exchange of vows?"

"Nick," she replied with a smile. "He really did it."

Andy then asked, "What JoBro did you get the best gift? Joe or Kevin?"

"Well, the good thing is that Kevin offered us hundreds of bottles of wine and that Joe gave us an amazing refrigerator, which looks like a car, to tidy up everything," she replied. "So it worked!"

"Which guest has the most drunk?" Andy then asked.

"Everyone!" Priyanka said. "We had an after-party each night ending at 5 o'clock in the morning each night."

"Are there bridesmaid connections and honor boys?" S & rsquo; Andy inquired.

Priyanka replied, "We were hoping for one, it did not work."

"Have you had a budget?" He asked.

"You see, we had a month and a half to prepare for this wedding, so we had a budget, but we went a little further," said Priyanka.

Andy then asked, "How would you describe Nick's reaction to seeing you in your personalized Ralph Lauren wedding dress for the first time?"

Priyanka smiles so big and burst forth, "he cried! He did it. I cried. It happened so fast. "

"And I had a moment of panic just before walking down the aisle," she added. "I was about 40 minutes late, I was like a 75-foot train, do I even know what I'm doing?" Like, a moment of panic full, but then the door opened and I saw his face and … "

"Ugh, I love when hot guys cry," Andy said.

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