Priyanka Chopra Nick Jonas KISS in public | Viral video


WATCH Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas share their first public kiss as the fans cheer them on. Priyanka Chopra makes every effort to have her fiance Nick Jonas celebrate her best birthday. Thanks to his Instagram account, we know that the singer of Right Now is celebrating his 26th birthday with his family, including Joe Jonas, at the Angel stadium in Anaheim, California. Priyanka Chopra and fiance Nick Jonas have rarely kissed in public. But Nick's 26th birthday, the couple shared a kiss in a stadium filled with people. See photos and videos. Glimpses of their day are storming the Internet. In one of the videos touring social media, we can see Priyanka and Nick share the first public kiss on stage, while the whole stadium was cheering them on. In other videos, we can see the loving couple feeding each other. Priyanka Chopra celebrates Nick Jonas birthday with some serious PDA. Recently, the photos of the two, walking hand-in-hand and laughing, stormed the Internet, and now, at Nick's birthday, they brought their PDA to a higher level. The two men were also seen in a stadium in Los Angeles and had a good time together. After Nick's performance in a baseball game, the two shared an adorable kiss on stage among thousands of fans who cheered them on.