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Prohibition of Rainbow Six Siege Cat Cheats

If you cheated rainbow six Seat By polluting the shooter's chat window with garbage, you're in shit. The bans come for this today.

The exploit recently discovered could either cause the game to fail, or seriously delay the games of the opposing players, to the point that they would be forced to abandon the matches. It was obviously very disturbing for the classified competition of the game. It became a problem serious enough to justify the setting up of a patch (deployed Tuesday). Now, the wave of bans imposed on Ubisoft Montreal is to determine who used it and how much it should be punished.

The bans "will have varying durations, depending on the frequency and severity of the use of the exploit," said a Ubisoft community representative in the Rainbow Six subchain yesterday. "It's our next step towards sanctioning players who knowingly and willfully exploit exploits at the expense of the final match."

The exploit is considered a violation of Rainbow Six SiegeThe code of conduct of the company, in particular the part concerning[ing] the general gameplay in the game client, the forum or any other Ubisoft media. "

Of course, some players preemptively worried that they could be punished unfairly because they deliberately triggered the exploit, but only for educational purposes to show their Twitch audience how much it is broken. "We took it into account," Craig Robinson, a community leader, says on Twitter. "If you have made it less than 10 times, you are safe." Whew.

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