PS Vita production comes to an end in Japan

The end of PS Vita's life was much slower in Japan than elsewhere. There are still games for this, but this is about to change because Sony begins to gradually reduce its production on the laptop itself.

The official Japanese PlayStation site has been updated with new information, adding that "deliveries are expected to end soon" for the last two PS Vita models in production. The models in question are models PCH-2000 ZA11 (black) and PCH-2000 ZA23 (aqua blue). There is currently no specific end date for production, but it seems that there is not much life left in this relatively solid platform since its launch in 2011.

It's a shame that Sony has not continued to endure it with new software worldwide. Do you have good memories of your visit with PS Vita? What are some of your favorite games? Poetic waxes about it in the comments!

Source: [email protected] via Gematsu


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