PS5 stock is back – but probably not for long

The PS5 action may be back, but we’ll be damned if we can make it happen. It would have appeared on Amazon US not too long ago, and after a frenzied UK scramble over the past few days (it has appeared on Currys, ShopTo and Game, but units have been claimed by scalpers in large number), that is potentially should also appear in Argos. What does that mean? This suggests that more consoles are on their way to major retailers, and soon. With that in mind, we’ve put together some quick links below. OK, so this is not the good news you expected. Still, it’s better than nothing – mostly because stores tend to ditch PS5 stock without any warning. Keeping an eye out for them and Twitter trends can be your best bet as a result. Do not hope too a lot. The competition is fierce there and it is difficult to predict when new offers will appear.

It becomes quite exhausting to report the bad news of genuine PS5 stock hunters joining the queues early and on time, only to be started or unlucky hours later, encountering mixed messages from retailer websites. . But here we are; 2020 has really rolled into 2021. However, keep trying because we have a lot of anecdotal evidence from lucky people!

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