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PS5 vs. Xbox Scarlett Comparison – What We Know Up To Now (UPDATE 14/6)

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PS5 vs. Xbox Scarlett – what is the best? Although it is still too early to say, we have some details and specifications that we can use to create a limited comparison between the two consoles of the next generation.

After Sony unveiled some of the first details of the next generation of PlayStation 5 at the end of April and Microsoft unveiled the first details of its vision of the next generation Scarlett Xbox project, we know more than we knew. before. the beginning of the year.

Anyway, keep this page in your favorites, because as we learn new information about each console, we'll update that feature – and the current winner will show the results accordingly.

So … COMBAT! Or something. Please also note that "wins" and "losses" are based only on what we know now opposing the two consoles one to the other; many can and will probably change.

Update 14/6: Added in the Physical Disk Drive Comparison

How does the PS5 compare to the Xbox Scarlett?

PS5 Vs Xbox Scarlett – CPU

CPU PS5: We know that the PS5 contains a third-generation eight-core variant of AMD's Ryzen processor. What we do not know for now is the speed of the clock. Nevertheless, even in the absence of such details, it is clear that PS5 is a technological monster in this regard.

Xbox Scarlett CPU: No detail has been revealed about the type of processor that Project Scarlett will have – which is strange since Microsoft was much more open on the GPU side of things …

Current winner: PS5

PS5 Vs Xbox Scarlett – GPU and Visuals

GPU PS5 and visuals: In addition to its gigantic processor, the PS5 also has advanced technologies, AMD Navi, as regards its graphics processor. In combination with the processor, this means not only that the PS5 is capable of producing incredible images at 8K resolution, but also producing all the fancy effects (such as Ray Tracing) at high resolution. as well.

GPU and Xbox Scarlett visuals: Seemingly shoulder-to-shoulder with the PS5, the Scarlett project will also feature an AMD silicon processor with AMD Navi technology that enables 8K, 4K to 60/120 fps visuals, time-ray tracing. real (Microsoft went further here which gives a machine four times more powerful than the Xbox One X. It looks like a tie for us.

Current Winner: Tie

PS5 Vs Xbox Scarlett – Memory

PS5 memory: Although we do not know how much RAM the PS5 will contain in its chassis, we can expect it to be a little north of the 8 GB currently housed on the PS4 and PS4 Pro. 16 GB seems to be a safe bet for us.

Scarlett Xbox Memory: It was announced that Project Scarlett would use an incredibly fast GDDR6 memory (the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X used GDDR5 in comparison), but we still do not know in what quantity.

Current Winner: Tie

PS5 Vs Xbox Scarlett – Storage Solution

PS5 storage solution: We know that the PS5 is giving up a classic hard drive for a more exotic destination: a patented high-speed SSD, offering significantly improved access and loading times. What we do not know is how much storage this will provide to players at launch – our estimate is 1TB.

Scarlett Xbox Storage Solution: Like the PS5, Project Scarlett will include a super fast SSD drive to completely reduce load times. We do not know how much he can store at this point, so all things are equal.

Current Winner: Tie

PS5 Vs Xbox Scarlett – Backward Compatibility

PS5 backward compatibility: Anxious not to make the same mistake as the last time (thanks in large part to the "unique" architecture of the PS3), Sony has confirmed that the PS5 will play PS4 games, will play a cross game between PS4 and PS5 and will also support The use of the PS4 also saves.

Compatibility with earlier versions of Xbox Scarlett: Already at the top of the list in terms of backward compatibility with the Xbox One X, which can play native to two previous generations of Xbox games, it is hardly surprising that Microsoft has doubled this feature for its next-generation Xbox, saying machine will satisfy users of four generations of Xbox content. Given that the PS5 will probably be directly compatible with PS4 games and it may be necessary to broadcast the other two (or imitate the PS2 part with thinness), MS is in the lead here.

Current Winner: Microsoft

PS5 Vs Xbox Scarlett – Controller

PS5 controller: Sony has not yet shown nor provided details on the controller that the PS5 will use.

Scarlett Xbox Controller: Presumably, Microsoft will use a variant of the latest version of the Elite controller introduced at E3 2019, but this remains to be confirmed.

Current winner: unknown

PS5 Vs Xbox Scarlett – Physical Disk Drive

PS5 physical disk drive: A physical disk drive has been confirmed for PS5 – we do not know yet what format it will be (4K Blu Ray, etc.).

Scarlett Xbox Controller: Microsoft has confirmed that Project Scarlett will use a physical drive. Since Xbox One X and Xbox One S both use 4K Blu Ray players, I can not imagine Scarlett using anything less.

Current winner: unknown

PS5 Vs Xbox Scarlett – Prices

PS5 price: Sony has not yet provided pricing for the PS5, but we think that £ 399 / $ 499 seems likely.

Xbox Scarlett Award: Like Sony, Microsoft has not provided any indication of the price of the Scarlett project.

Current winner: Not known

PS5 Vs Xbox Scarlett – Release Date

PS5 Release Date: No release date for the PS5 has yet been provided, but we know that an exit for 2019 has been ruled out. Instead, an exit for 2020 now seems likely.

Xbox Scarlett Release Date: The Scarlett project will be published in Holiday 2020 – it's a fact. Sony has however been less than expected at this stage.

Current winner: Project Scarlett.

PS5 Vs Xbox Scarlett – Games

PS5 Games: Although Sony has been reluctant to confirm the fate of its offers on PS5, we know that a large number of third-party publishers are gearing up to support PS5 with titles such as Call of Duty, Cyberpunk 2077, The Elder Scrolls VI, Starfield and many others, while other older titles like Rainbow Six: Siege have also been confirmed.

Xbox Scarlett Games: We know that the Scarlett project will come out with Halo Infinite, but beyond that we do not know anything else. This actually creates a link between the two consoles, because Sony has not yet unveiled its range of software.

Current Winner: Tie

To you, Sony!

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