Public invited to help the name of the planet discovered in 2007

(225088) 2007 OR10

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Help Name 2007 OR10


The planet is currently called (225088) 2007 OR10

Astronomers have asked the public to help name a planet in our solar system discovered in 2007.

The planet, which revolves around the sun beyond Neptune, has since been called (225088) 2007 OR10.

Now scientists who have discovered it are asking the public to help him choose a more eye catching name. The options are Gonggong, Holle and Vili.

The winning name will be formally suggested to the International Astronomical Union.

Gonggong is a Chinese god of water with red hair and tail shaped snake. He is known for creating chaos, causing floods and rocking the Earth.

Holle is a European goddess of fertility, rebirth and women in winter, while Vili is a Nordic deity who defeated cold giant Ymir and used the body to create the universe.

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Scientists have selected deities with links to the red color and have waited 12 years for the planet to better understand it.

The vote ends on May 10 and you can vote here.

Those who feel particularly passionate about one of the names can vote more than once.

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