Purdue lets Florida State escape

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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Poise has been a slippery product for this new-look Boilermaker basketball team, as it strives to establish or overcome what could be a fundamental lack, and has gone to the forefront. plan the most painful way Wednesday night.

After making a leap in the second half to turn a 12-point deficit into a half-time eight-point lead with less than three and a half minutes to play, Boilermakers # 19 collapsed from there , falling 15th in the state of Florida. 73-72 in the ACC / Big Ten Challenge.

At its best – the first half against Virginia Tech in Charleston, the second half against FSU in Tallahassee – Purdue showed how great it could be.

In the worst case, however, it has been shown how important it may be.

"We can not have a good half, a bad half," said senior Ryan Cline. "We must be consistent."

It could have been a springboard win, a tough win in a tough place, to open a five-game streak that could eventually shape Purdue's season.

And the Boilermakers were on track, with a 72-64 record after driving out Evan Boudreaux and a goal of 3:23 to play.

Purdue no longer scored and Florida State runner, Trent Forrest, won 5 seconds before the win, moments after Ryan Cline of the Boilermakers was tied up, which caused a change, and some moments before his pass for Carsen Edwards for a potential match- The winner was intercepted, thus staining a solid game for Cline, who scored 7 of 11 shots and scored 21.

"We just have not made the necessary games," said coach Matt Painter, "but we close the game if we make our free throws and we get angry just at the end."

In the 3:23 final, Purdue returned the ball five times, bringing her total to 20, eight by Carsen Edwards and 16 in total among her three starting guards; gave up five second chance points after cleaning an open sore of a problem on the offensive shot after the first half; missed a pair of three open in rhythm; and missed a pair of free throws, Edwards lacking unusual character on a pair with 1:18 remaining.

Purdue had only two shots in the final of 3:23, both missed. Before he was 13 out of 21 of the floor after halftime.

These final sequences were reminiscent of a disjointed first half during which all of Purdue's most acute concerns could have been not only unveiled, but also erased by athleticism and Florida State's physical character. Before half-time, Purdue's guards were not synchronized and his front yard submerged, Boudreaux's productivity aside.

But the difference between the first and second half was deep, Purdue getting all the rebounds in the second half, he could not get into the first half, looked like the more disciplined team and made three.

"In the first half, we fought a bit," said Boudreaux, who gave Purdue 12 points and eight rebounds in 19 minutes on the bench. "We talked about it at half-time, with more shooting, with more intensity in the execution of our work.We slowed down and made sure we were doing the right things. Once we started running, boxing and getting the rebounds, we started building a little momentum. "

But as fast as things went half way, they turned around when they mattered the most, leaving the Boilermakers stung to start this key sequence of five consecutive out-of-conference games against a top-25 competition, a single of those games at Mackey. Arena.

Purdue showed flashes.

"I thought our run was excellent in the second half compared to the first," said Cline, "but you can not have that kind of deficit on the road."

And now, Purdue can lament the escape of a marquee, which could have done more, as far as they know, the kind of missed opportunities that could pique even more March than Thursday morning when the Boilermakers left the Tucker Civic Center. .

From now on, it is essential to get rid of the loss suffered by the State of Florida.

Purdue has seen two types of coveted resumes gaining time, which is far more aggressive than the last.

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