Purdue's Haarm gets the last laugh – but not the last blazon – in the Boilers' victory over IU – The Athletic

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – The sound of anger began to fall from the beams of the Assembly Hall at the beginning of the first half. Purdue's Matt Haarms, currently the most hated man in the area, got entangled in De'Ron Davis from IU and soon the Hoosiers fans started working in blue.

"(Bleep) you, Haarms!", He shouted. "(Bleep) you, Haarms! Bleep you, Haarms. ''

At the beginning of the second period, this happened again in a match that looked like a mosh pit at a Buzzcocks concert: Haarms, the 7 foot, 3 foot Purdue center, gave off just about everything. he could, mingling again with Davis with a technical and common fault. And again, the not so creative and increasingly angry UI fan base tackled Purdue's tall man. I believe that the psychological community calls this "projection".

"(Bleep) you, Haarms!", They screamed. "(Bleep) you, Haarms!"

Fast forward to the end of the game IU-Purdue – and believe me, you want to fast forward …

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