Puzzle Quest 3 is a free-to-play game, launched in 2021

Puzzle Quest 3, the third main entry in the hybrid RPG / puzzle series, is in development across multiple platforms, publisher 505 Games announced Thursday.

Scheduled for release in 2021, it will be the first Puzzle Quest game since 505 Games purchased original franchise developer Infinity Plus Two earlier this month. Puzzle Quest 3 will also be the first full sequel to the series since the 2010s Puzzle Quest 2; In the meantime, D3Publisher has released a few spinoffs and a Nintendo Switch remaster of the original game from 2007.

Puzzle Quest 3The story of takes place 500 years after the original Puzzle Quest. The Infinity Plus Two and 505 games offered few details beyond that in a press release, saying the game will feature one-on-one puzzle battles and “a twist on traditional puzzle gameplay.”

In the Puzzle Quest series, players move through 3D space, talk to characters, and battle enemies. But instead of the traditional turn-based RPG battles, Puzzle Quest asks players to play a ‘match 3’ game – like Bejeweled has a fight. Players can match skull gems to deal damage, or match other colored gems to use skills. Despite being a puzzle game at heart, players can level up and be awarded skill points to develop their characters.

Puzzle Quest 3 will be available this year “on a wide variety of mobile devices and PCs,” according to the press release. An informational sign-up box on the game’s website also mentions “console.” Puzzle Quest 2 released on Nintendo DS, Windows PC and Xbox 360.

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