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Python devours the world: the parallel project of a developer has become the most popular programming language on the planet

Frustrated by the shortcomings of the programming language, Guido van Rossum created Python. With the language used by millions of people, Nick Heath talks to van Rossum about Python's past and explores the next steps.

In late 1994, a small group of programmers from the United States met to discuss their new secret weapon.

Barry Warsaw was one of about 20 developers attending this very first workshop dedicated to the new Python programming language. He remembers the palpable enthusiasm of these early users.

"I remember one person in particular who said," You can not tell anyone that I am here because our use of Python is a competitive advantage. "It was their secret weapon, right?

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Even at this first meeting, at the US National Bureau of Standards in Maryland at the time, Warsaw stated that it was obvious that Python was offering something new in the ease with which it was easy to write code and do everything.

"When I first discovered Python, I knew there was something special – it was a combination of readability and joy to write Python code," he recalls. .


Today, the enthusiasm for Python has extended well beyond the initial circle of developers and some predict that it will soon become the most popular programming language in the world because it continues to add new users faster than any other language. Millions of people use Python every day, the exponential growth in the number of users showing little signs of slowing down.

Python is used by many professional and amateur developers for tasks of all sizes. It is particularly popular with web developers, data scientists, and system administrators. It's earlier this year that Python has helped to assemble the first images of a 500 billion billion-kilometer black hole, just like Python, which handles countless hacked scripts on computers. from around the world.

Python plays a pivotal role in some of the world's best-known organizations, helping Netflix deliver video to more than 100 million homes around the world, boosting Instagram photo sharing and helping NASA explore the world. # 39; space.

In some respects, Python's rise to power is as surreal and surprising as the British comedy group that gave it its name, and in its own niche, the coding language has become equally famous and influential.

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