SportsPulse: Five QBs participated in the first round last year and 4-5 could very well pass the first day of this year. Trysta Krick predicts where each of them will land.

The numbers are for Kyler Murray.

The Oklahoma quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner was 5-10 1/8 and 207 pounds Thursday at the NFL in Indianapolis.

At the university, Murray figured between 5 and 10 books and 193 books. At 5-10, he would be the shortest quarterback of the NFL.

Murray's measurements were a point of interest for several teams of the week, as they had differing opinions on what his size would mean for his career prospects.

"Times have changed," said Giants coach Pat Shurmur, who said he prefers tall passers over last year. "Quarterbacks come in all shapes and sizes."

Murray will meet the media on Friday before the quarterbacks take the field for the exercises and positioning work on Saturday. A report from the NFL Network, however, said Murray did not plan to launch during the event.

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