Qualcomm claims that Apple's iOS update patch should not prevent the US ban on the iPhone

On March 26, the US International Trade Commission (ITC) will decide whether to issue an exclusion order against Apple, thereby banning the importation and sale of certain iPhone models to the US -United. Energy saving function that infringed a Qualcomm patent according to a judge of the ITC. The company said it did not think the previous iPhone models violated the patent, but had released the update as a result of Qualcomm's claims.
Apple told the ITC that a decision preventing it from importing iPhone models with Intel modems would end the competition between Qualcomm and Intel needed to develop the 5G (by the way, Qualcomm introduced today a new 5G modem processor). Intel says that an ITC ban on the iPhone will force it to leave the modems market. Meanwhile, as stated by Seeking Alpha, Qualcomm has filed some documents with the ITC today. The chip maker's document indicates that the workaround of Apple's iOS update contradicts its argument that its phones should not be banned by the ITC.

Apple obviously asked the ITC not to impose an exclusion order. Instead, he asked the agency for six more months to complete the necessary changes to make the iPhone "without offense" and for the changes to be reviewed by US Customs.

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