Quarterbacks shine in the limelight during the Tigers' one day race | Soccer

Malik Willis threw it deep.

Joey Gatewood remained patient and found his target.

Bo Nix escaped the pressure and shot.

Touchback after touchdown, the Auburn quarterbacks shone and gave some answers and some questions to the fans of Tigers, during the match Auburn Auburn match Saturday at Jordan-Hare Stadium.

Gatewood and Nix both scored for two touchdowns with the first team's offensive while Willis scored another with the second teams in the first half of the scrum. to their 2019 Tigers team.

The Orange team beat the blue team on the board, 28-10.

"All have done good things," said Auburn Head Coach Gus Malzahn at the end of the event.

Gatewood and Nix pitched for the four touchdowns of this orange team, playing with Auburn's first team offensive line and a batch of experienced receivers. Willis and Cord Sandberg played with the second teams in the two quarter-finals of the first half. The appellants exchanged teams for the second half without percussion, which apparently allowed all players to enter with a clock on the move.

Willis and the team's second team started the day by throwing a 41-yard touchdown bomb to Matthew Hill for the first touchdown of the scrum.

Nix then qualified for a "free play" that saw the defense take off, showing his feet under pressure before turning his body against his first touchdown to Eli Stove at 11 yards.

Gatewood delivered two touchdowns in the second quarter to second-year star Seth Williams for 11 and 29 yards. Nix hit Hill for the receiver's next big game, a 49-yard touchdown with 37 seconds left in the first period.

These three quarters were above. Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn said last spring that four players were competing in the starting spot behind center, Willis, the junior substitute and last year, Gatewood, who had redshirt the last year, Nix, the first-time freshman enlisted, and Cord Sandberg, another freshman freshman.

Willis finished the day with an average of 95 yards and a touchdown. Gatewood was 8-of-12 for 130 yards and two touchdowns. Nix finished 11 of 17 goals for 155 yards, two touchdowns and one interception late in the second period.

Sandberg was 8 -9 for 54 yards.

Their day highlighted Auburn Cape at its four-week spring camp.

"What is probably positive is that four quarters have made explosive games," Malzahn said. "I thought it was good. We had a few touchdowns to go with.

"Overall, it was practice 15. I am really happy with what we have accomplished during this time."

Malzahn said his team and coaches will then review how four quarters of the spring run and try to create a sort of order for summer training and the fall camp.

"Every day, one of them – or all – does his job," said Tigers running back Kam Martin. "It will be a good race."

None of the four quarters of the Tigers were available to the media at the team's press conference after the match.

"I think any of them could be the starting quarterback," said Stove, acknowledging that he was comfortable with one of the following. between them who was leaving behind the center. "It's not really my decision. This is the decision of coach Malzahn.

"But I think it's going to make the right decision."

Based on the performance of the Tigers quarterbacks on Saturday, players agree that for Malzahn, weighing his options is a good problem.

"I feel good about it," Williams said. "We know, for example, whatever the name of the first position, we will know that we have a good quarter.

"They are very good," he said. "I did not see anything wrong with them today. They were exceptional. I loved the work that they did today. "

Touchdown after touchdown, Auburn fans have seen it too.

Auburn opens its season on August 31 against Oregon in a showdown at AT & T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

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