Questions were asked about the work of LeBron's accounts before the game at Warriors


Some have often wondered aloud: what would it have been if Twitter had existed while Michael Jordan was playing in Atlantic City until late in the wee hours of the morning before a playoff match against the Knicks?

And it seems we have some sort of answer, although it is not so outrageous, at least in terms of monitoring LeBron James. After LeBron was openly questioning the commitment of his teammates in basketball, some Lakers supporters questioned James' involvement himself.

A Lakers fan, who goes through @TheMMQBL on Twitter, pointed out that LeBron James' high-profile publicity work on 2Chainz's upcoming album, "Rap or Go To The League," had taken place the day before James was expelled from the group. Lakers primetime match Saturday night against the Warriors.

LeBronWire returned to the original source video on 2Chainz's Instagram and confirmed that he had correctly said that his studio session with 2Chainz was held on February 1 and lasted at least 11:43 pm, the night before the Lakers night in Oakland. Warriors on the Super Bowl weekend. James was finally dismissed just hours before the match for "load management".

Now, although the videos and reports in question are certainly ominous for LeBron after what he said on Saturday, it's also important to note that James had just played more than 40 minutes at one time. victory in overtime against the Clippers on January 31, his first match. in more than five weeks.

But again, these facts will probably not matter to the most passionate fans of Lakers. The look is already bad enough to leave much doubt about James' commitment, even if he plays very well if the Lakers continue to lose.

The only thing James can do to convince these skeptical fans is to win a lot in the last 23 games to bring the Lakers to the finals for the first time since 2013.


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