R. Kelly Leaves West Side Recording Studio: Lawyers

Scott Olson / Getty Images

CHICAGO – R & B artist R. Kelly will leave his West Side recording studio, according to his lawyers.

On February 8, a judge issued an order limiting the artist's access to his studio from 9 am to 5 pm and ordered to use it only as a recording studio – not for residential purposes.

In a statement Wednesday, attorney Steve Greenberg said that R. Kelly had been harassed several times while he was working in the studio during the limited hours when we were allowed to be there.

He stated that the judge's decision was "without any logical logic". He compared the artist to Beethoven, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Winston Churchill, among others, and said that history had "admired creativity" over the years.

"R. Kelly can never be creative and do her job in circumstances that leave her no choice but to leave her building, "Greenberg said in a statement.

The Chicago Sun-Times said the Cook County Judge had also banned the use of the second floor Tuesday after building inspectors found faulty stairs. The photos were shown in court from inside the recording studio from the January 16 inspection.

This decision was taken a week after Chicago building inspectors found code violations in the recording studio of the R & B group's star, located near the West Side, during a meeting. ordered by the court. These violations included evidence that the industrial space had been used as a residence.

Kelly was the target of criticism after women participated in the Lifetime documentary series "Surviving R. Kelly", which brought new allegations of sexual behavior against the singer. Kelly denied the allegations.

"The public should not rush to a judgment," said his lawyer in Wednesday's statement. "Almost all the statements contained in the documentary had already been denied by facts and rejected by the police, judges and a jury. A hashtag does not make people truthful or believable. "

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