R. Kelly released from prison after paying $ 166,000 for exceptional support


Photo: Cook County Sheriff's Office (Getty Images)

As a person who has never spent a day in jail in my life, I can not imagine calling one of the mates and being told, "Yo, I know these charges sound crazy, but this bail of one million dollars is not sufficiently repaid. So you got me, did not you?

And then the friend enters the line of sight and puts the money in place, only for this nigga to go right Back in prison a week later. Only this time, it's even more money-$162k, that's what prevents him from receiving unpaid alimony.

But apparently, there are people who like to become friends with serial pedophiles and waste their hard-earned taxes, because, despite his ruined career and his appetite for the destruction of the sanctity of underage girls, it seems that the Piper R & B is back in the streets.

According to People, he was released Saturday after an anonymous payment was granted him by his unpaid alimony.

R. Kelly was released from prison for the second time in two weeks after the anonymous $ 61,000 child support payment due to him.

The 52-year-old singer was spotted Saturday leaving Chicago's Cook County Jail with his lawyer, Steve Greenberg.

Cook County Sheriff's spokeswoman Sophia Ansari told PEOPLE that Kelly was released after a total of $ 161,633 had been paid Saturday morning, but that the identity of the person who had paid was the sum was not immediate.

But obviously tired of being ultimately held responsible for his litany of heinous acts over the last 30 years, the new and improved Rehabilitated R. Kelly, accompanied by his lawyer Steve Greenberg, announced that his modus operandi would go forward.

"I promise you that we will fix all this," he said, unaware that he will soon be spending the rest of his life in jail.

The next hearing in his criminal case is scheduled for 13 March.

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