Raccoon climbs 25 floors, becomes viral

A raccoon in Minnesota who climbed a 25-story building went viral on Twitter. Animal control now says that they have captured the animal.



  1. If I were in that building I wouldn’t be able to work for sure.

  2. A Coon. One of the greatest stories of this year.

  3. A raccoon was swimming in my pool the other day ?

  4. I live in Minneapolis next to St. Paul and I’m not suprised because raccoons are smart and determined

  5. LOL…raccoon pot pie. Hilarious

  6. It’s nice to know everyone cares about the raccoon. If only people would care about the millions and billions of domesticated farm animals that are routinely kept in tiny cages and treated horrifically, by normal standards, getting beaks cut off and tails cut off with no pain killers. If people care about animals they should consider not supporting the animal agriculture industry, saving their health and saving the environment by going plant-based vegan. Every hamburger and hotdog you are eating was once as cute and sensitive as this raccoon. Unless you buy vegan versions.

  7. That Raccoon is so cute too bad if I pet him he’d likely maul me and give me rabies then I’d have to be put down lol ?

  8. its not cute it could of been staying away from something and when it starded climbing is the same day a hybrid escaped my lab ('.')

  9. So sad that little by little, trees and grass are being replaced with concrete, and people breeding like cockroaches.

  10. The surface of the building does not seem climbable noone would have believed a racoon could climb the surface.

  11. We all know that the reason the raccoon was involved with the Russians and Trump collusion.

  12. This Racoon is obviously the Greatest "Floor Is Lava" Competitor to ever do it.

  13. This critter needs a medal or reward of some sort

  14. why did they feel the need to capture it? pretty sure the racoon is perfectly capable to get back down if needed.

  15. Raccoon: "A good day to climb a building. Why not?"

  16. great, now I'm craving pot pie

  17. I'm pretty sure we almost ran over that raccoon because we were driving through Shakopee (a suburb of the twin cities where it was released) and almost ran over a raccoon the day it was released. It might have been a coincidence, but we harmed no raccoons.

  18. they should put that racoon way out in the forest away from city

  19. Where is Ace Ventura when you need him most!!! Hahaha

  20. What's cartman doing up there

  21. Little dudes scaling 25 story buildings and can't even a text back…..

  22. Its metaphorical. You climb your way to the top only to find out its a trap.

  23. I think his girlfriend left him