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Raging fox killed by New Hartford police after biting two people

NEW HARTFORD, N.Y. – A New Hartford officer killed a rabid fox after biting two people.

It happened on the imperial drive last Friday.

The Oneida County Health Department said the population had immediately started post-exposure treatment for rabies.

The fox was sent to the Wadsworth Center for tests where positive results were reported.

"This is the second case in a week of a positive animal test for rabies in our community," said Phyllis D. Ellis, director of Oneida County Health, in a statement. "It is extremely important that residents pay attention to basic safety measures for the protection of their families and pets."

Officials sent rabies prevention reminders to always keep in mind:
• Do not feed or touch wildlife, stray dogs or cats

• Make sure your dogs, cats and ferrets are up-to-date with rabies vaccination. Vaccines for dogs, cats and ferrets after three months are effective for one year. Revaccinations can be effective up to three years, depending on the product used. Animals too young to be vaccinated must stay indoors

• Do not try to separate two fighting animals. Wear gloves if you handle your pet after a fight.

• Keep pets indoors at night. Do not leave them unattended.

• Do not attract wild animals at home or in your yard. Keep your property free of bird seeds or other foods. Feed the pets indoors. Close well or put away the garbage cans.

• Tell children not to touch any animals they do not know. Encourage children to immediately inform an adult if they are bitten by an animal.

• If a wild animal is on your property, let it roam. Bring children and pets indoors and alert neighbors who are outside. It is important to contact the police, municipal authorities or wildlife control authorities.

• Consult a doctor and report any animal bites or any contact with wild animals to your local health department.

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