Raiders head coach Jon Gruden's press conference


Thursday morning was Jon Gruden's turn on the NFL's 2019 Combine Scouting podium. Here are some of the most interesting things from this press conference.

Three key things Gruden is looking for in the combine

"I want to see if they are in good health, I want to see if they like football and see what their measurable elements are, that's about all you can really discover here in Indianapolis. You need to collect information, but these are the three key ingredients. "

There are a lot of boxes to check when you want to write a password

"Can you win when you're face to face? Can you win in adversity, when the back is tearing? Can you line up on the left side? Can you line up on the right side? you go to the inside of the guard? And what is your style of play? Can you play 75 or 80% of the shots? This is what happens most of the time in professional football for the big guys. Many of these college football players have not played more than 50% of the shots, so what does your stamina and, of course, your arsenal of movement look like, and do you have many ways to get home? do you have another movement, but we're looking for instincts and a lot of things, can you stop the race, you do not have to rush if you do not stop the race. "

With regard to defensive backs, it is not just about coverage capacity.

"Well, you must be able to attack, you see. I think everything starts here. Everyone is captivated by the capacity of cover, the length, the speed and all the rest. You must be able to attack these types in individual situations. We had a guy walk into our room last night, a receiver of Ole Miss, his name is [D.K.] Metcalf, I mean that he looked like Jim Brown. It's the biggest gap I've ever seen. You must be wondering, who is attacking this guy? So, if you're a 175-pound corner and you're tackling a 235-pound back, a 230-pound gap or a tight end, you have to wonder, is that what I want to do? You have to find guys who can attack in bad weather. I think sometimes that is neglected. "

Raiders staff follow the FAA

"They are, every game. Every game. We have a report of each match of those who stood out … "

"I like that, I think it also creates opportunities for coaches.I love football at all levels and I think the more leagues there are, the more there is." opportunities, and I think this league started well, they even had good broadcasters, I listened to them the other night.

Safety position is a priority

"We are looking at security in free agency and the project. When [Travis] Kelce is in your division and Antonio Gates is in your division, you would also consider security measures. "

Oh, and just to be clear …

"Yeah, [Derek Carr] is our franchise quarterback, yes. Try to clarify it. "

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