Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 will bring great changes, including a revamped friendly fire system


Ubisoft announced big changes ahead Rainbow Six Siege in fourth year. One of the most important is a complete change in how the friendly fire will work. These changes were revealed during a livestream at the Six Invitational 2019.

Friendly Fire now deals reverse damage to players. This only happens after a player has killed a teammate once during a match. Team killing has been a problem in Seat for years. Hopefully, these changes will ensure that team eliminations occur less often.

Map changes are planned for the fourth year. They will understand the redesign of three different maps: Kafe Dostoyevsky, Kanal and Theme Park. Reworking maps usually involves moving obstacles, modifying the layout of buildings and modifying different visual elements of a map.

Ubisoft also revealed a roadmap for future operators and events. From February 18th R6 headquarters Test servers, players will be able to try the two new Australian operators who will participate in the match. The following seasons will add operators from Denmark, Peru, Mexico, Kenya and India. An American secret service operator will also be added during the next season of the fourth year.

Roadmap of the year 4
Graphic: Ubisoft (Reddit)

The fourth year will also change the appearance and operation of the game's menus, rebalance several existing operators and modify the requirements and content of the playlists.

The announcement of these changes and future projects has elicited generally positive comments from the community. Many players are excited about the number of improvements and fixes made by Ubisoft in the fourth year.

"Ubisoft has clearly put as much emphasis on content and changes this year 4," said RichardArrowSmith, a Reddit user. Another user commented in the same thread that he felt more enthusiastic than ever before about Rainbow Six Siege. Many fans also seemed pleased that Ubisoft was determined to rebalance the cards and operators on such a large scale.

the Rainbow Six Siege subreddit has gathered all the new information revealed in a massive post. Check it out for more information and details on the new year of Siege content.

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