Rally card accused of using stolen artwork [Update]


Strixhaven: School of the Magi, a new set of Magic Cards: The Gathering, is due out next month, but one of his cards is already causing controversy after it emerged that the artist responsible for his drawing had borrowed a lot from another uncredited artist.

Veteran artist Jason Felix is ​​credited on the card (above), which is called Crux of Fate. Soon after the map art was revealed by Wizards of the Coast, however, some eagle-eyed observers began to note similarities between any of the dragons depicted on the map and the work of the artist Kitt Lapeña, in particular. this 2016 coin called Nicol Bolas.

Lapeña details the similarities between their dragon and Felix’s map art below, showing how well the character’s head and arm match, noting that even though the torso is different, it could simply be because Lapeña’s original has a huge Deviantart watermark on its chest.

Although artists constantly use references, it goes way beyond that. Even the folds of skin on the dragon’s hands are the same! To make matters worse, as Lapeña explains, they’ve already sent their wallet to Wizards of the Coast.

Kotaku has contacted Felix for comment, and will update if we have a response.

UPDATE: Wizards of the coast have issued a statement “These actions do not reflect the values ​​of Wizards and, therefore, we will suspend our future work with Jason Felix until we have been able to complete this matter.”

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