"Ralph" and "Creed" are ready to repeat themselves over the wickets of the weekend after Thanksgiving


by Brad Brevet
November 29, 2018

After the monster performance last weekend, led by Disney's Ralph breaks the Internet and MGM Creed II, this weekend sees only a new wide version in the latest horror of Screen Gems The possession of Hannah Gracewhich means the story will stay with the best titles of last weekend while 2018 continues its frantic pace.

After opening the second largest Thanksgiving weekend of five days in its history, Disney's Ralph breaks the Internet is planning a second weekend at 1st place and a national profit that should end around $ 120 million Sunday. At this time, we expect a second weekend drop around -54% for a second-year frame totaling $ 26 million.

MGM Creed II could face some competition for second place in Universal and Illumination The grinch, but we expect him to bypass the animated title with a drop of about -50% for a $ 18 million second weekend and a national consumption of about 82 million dollars at the end of the weekend. In truth, it's hard to predict. Creed II"Its debut was the largest Thanksgiving weekend opening ever held for a real action title, surpassing the 14-day performance of the first film of about $ 14 million. At this point, Creed dropped by -49% on his second weekend, but he played better throughout the week compared to his sequel, although this could also be attributed to a smaller crowd of titles competing in November 2015 .

As for The grinchwe are looking for a drop of -43% and $ 17.3 million this weekend having held well last weekend facing Ralphis his debut. If our forecasts are maintained, the film will exceed $ 200 million in the domestic market by the end of the weekend, ranking in the top ten of the year.

Continuing down, WB's Fantastic Beasts: The Grindelwald Crimes should land in fourth place with $ 15 million or for a national budget of about $ 138 million by the end of the weekend. Of course, this means that the group remains largely behind the first film, which exceeded $ 183 million by the end of its third Sunday.

Fox completes the top five Bohemian Rhapsody, which posted the best position among the holdings of the top 10 last week-end *, with a drop of -12.7% only. This weekend we are looking for a drop of about -45% and a fifth weekend performance $ 7.75 million, which would raise the gross domestic product of the film to more than 163 million dollars if our forecasts proved.

Outside the top five, we find the release of Screen Gems The possession of Hannah Grace. The R-rated film is expected to debut in 2,065 plays. The studio plans three days of performance about $ 3 million, compared to movies such as incarnate (Opening $ 2.5 million), The green hell ($ 3.5 million opening) and Unaccompanied: Dark Web (Opening $ 3.6 million).

At this point, the IMDb page view data indicates Hannah Grace pacing a little ahead Messy (Opening 3.76 million dollars) during the two weeks preceding the release, as well as before the composition of Sony incarnate. However, the same data shows that the film is progressing well behind Fox Morgan, which opened with $ 2 million in 2016. All in all, we expect a start that could be lower than the expectations of the studio. $ 2.8 million, fighting for the ninth and tenth place of the weekend, leading to a short theatrical race.

In limited version, Warner Bros. will debut Head full of honey in four places; IFC to publish DriveRx in two theaters; and Orion will open Anna and the Apocalypse in five theaters.

Meanwhile, Fox Searchlight will extend the release of Yorgos Lanthimosof The favourite after its record high of $ 105,603 per theater last weekend, from just four theaters. This weekend, the film will expand to seven other markets – San Francisco, Dallas, Austin, Washington DC, Boston, Chicago and Phoenix – in 34 locations.

The forecast for this weekend is directly below. This article will be updated on Friday morning with the results of Thursday night's preview followed by Friday's estimates on Saturday morning and a full weekend's recap on Sunday morning.

  • Ralph breaks the Internet (4,017 theaters) – $ 25.9 million
  • Creed II (3,576 rooms) – $ 18.1 million
  • The Grinch of Dr. Seuss (3,793 theaters) – $ 17.3 million
  • Fantastic Beasts: The Grindelwald Crimes (3,929 rooms) – $ 15.6 million
  • Bohemian Rhapsody (3,007 theaters) – $ 7.7 million
  • Instant family (3,110 theaters) – $ 6.5 million
  • Robin Hood (2,827 rooms) – $ 4.3 million
  • Widows (2,393 theaters) – $ 4.2 million
  • Green paper (1,065 rooms) – $ 2.8 million
  • The possession of Hannah Grace (2,065 rooms) – $ 2.8 million

* With the exclusion Green paperthe performance of expansion of

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